Foundation of Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking

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Are you interested in tracking skills?

If you have spent any time outside, you have come across tracks or sign left by animals and people. If you have ever wondered how to interpret, and even follow, human tracks or sign, this book is for you. This book imparts knowledge necessary to answer the questions “What happened here?” and “Who made that track?” This is an essential book for encouraging and developing your awareness of the outdoors. It is a great aid for property owners, hunters, naturalists, search and rescue teams, military instructors and law enforcement agencies. Through explanations, illustrations and many pictures from actual searches for missing persons, this book describes methods and techniques used by tracking personnel to do the following:

Become familiar with the terminology of tracking
Dispel misconceptions about tracking
Select and use tools of the tracking trade
Record and document tracking information
Manage light and shadow to your advantage
Learn about improving your awareness
Find, follow and interpret tracks and sign
Receive information about footwear as it relates to tracking
Learn how to age sign
Understand what to look for as sign of passage on various ground covers
Get an introduction to animal tracking

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It is written to cover many basic topics in tracking, signcutting and awareness as applied in search and rescue. This 268 page full size manual is based on the current standards for the Field Team Signcutter course approved by the Virginia Search and Rescue Council and certified by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Written, printed and published in the USA. It has over 115 pictures and illustrations, a handful of which are in color. It also includes a glossary, index, and bibliography.


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