Track and Clue Awareness (TCA) kurs

1.600,00 kr

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This course is the entry level course for the tracking series. It introduce’s participants to clue awareness, heightened observation and man tracking skills. Participants learn to distinguish between the characteristics of an undisturbed environment and the characteristics caused by human passage through the environment.
Practical exercises are undertaken to learn how to calibrate and use a tracking stick, to track human sign in a variety of terrain and explore some basic principles of processing clue sites.
The course is very practical and students should be prepared for long hours in the outdoors. The practical field work is scenario based and will tax the skills and powers of observation of the most experienced volunteer personnel. The training will involve an evening search to demonstrate the value of darkness in tracking & clue detection.

The course will be conducted in Swedish and English.
Want to read, before or after the course, so is the book ”Foundation of Awareness, Sign Cutting and Tracking” a good choice. The book is not included in the course fee.

Lodging and meals not provided, but local camping areas and hotel information will be provided upon request or registration.